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Australia Citizenship Visa

Australia Citizenship Visa. Do you desire to obtain an Australian passport and enjoy the benefits of living permanently in Australia without switching between visas? Australian Citizenship is one of the most sought after in today’s day and time. At Global Migrate, we can make your dream come true. While permanent residence has its own perks, do you wish to live in Australia without having the hassle of renewing you Visa status? Citizenship is the key to that.


Australian Citizenship offers tremendous rewards. Citizenship gives you the opportunity to fully contribute in building the countries democratic nation. It means that you are ready to perform your responsibilities as a formal member of the Australian community. After living successfully for five years in Australia on a Permanent residence Visa/ Family Visa or other eligible visa type you immediately qualify for Citizenship. There are three other ways of ac

  1. Citizenship by descent: This route can be explored if you are born overseas o an Australian citizen
  2. Citizenship by Adoption: You can claim Australian citizenship if you are adopted by an Australian Citizen in accordance with The Hague Convention or Inter country Adoption.
  3. Resuming your Australian Citizenship: This option is for you if you lost or gave up your Australian Citizenship.

At Global Migrate, we have a team of Trained Australia Immigration consultants who will give you sound advice on your Australia Immigration application. We are experts in Immigration and Naturalisation services and will sort out your immigration query at the earliest. Contact our global Migration team now and get your application started.

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Global Migrate is an organization with Immigration Experts from all around the world. We absolutely understand that visa applications and procedures can be complicated, intricate and tricky. We aim to ease your burden provide you with the best advice and top quality customer service. We are committed to your cause and therefore implement appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable us to deliver the highest quality services.

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