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UK Sponsorship License

People seeking employment opportunities in Canada must follow a designated pathway for securing the Canada work permit. Similarly, Canadian employers desirious of employing an overseas worker must follow the standard protocol stated by the Immigration rules and regula Canada Employment Visations in force. For more information on the subject, speak to our experts. Canada Employment Visa

Sponsorship License

In order for a migrant to enter the UK under a Tier 2 visa, they will need to be sponsored by an employer. This employer must be licensed under the points-based system. An unlicensed employer will not be able to sponsor a migrant worker.

Global-Migrate is qualified to advise employers looking to apply for a sponsorship license. We have fifteen years of experience in the immigration industry, and regularly help those looking to hire migrant workers. Call us today to discuss the sponsorship application.

Sponsorship licenses are also granted to academic institutions who want to accept students from outside the EEA. If you are interested in this type of license, call our specialist advisors.

For a business sponsorship license, you will need to meet a set of requirements. These include human resources systems that keep the proper records for migrant workers. You must also provide documentation of many aspects of your business, including some that might be specific to your industry.

All evidence must be supplied within ten days of the initial online application, so it is important that you have everything prepared when you apply. Global-Migrate specialist case workers can help you prepare your application.

Once approved, licensed sponsors will be given a rating of either A or B. both ratings allow licensees to sponsor migrants, but a B rating means that the organisation is working with the UK Border Agency to improve their systems.

Global Migrate is an organization with Immigration Experts from all around the world. We absolutely understand that visa applications and procedures can be complicated, intricate and tricky. We aim to ease your burden provide you with the best advice and top quality customer service. We are committed to your cause and therefore implement appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable us to deliver the highest quality services.

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