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Overseas Representative Visa

UK Immigration has played a pivotal role in the field of Global Immigration & mobility. Seldom do you find an individual who does not seek an Immigration pathway to the UK irrespective of the visa restrictions involved. After a successful era of the HSMP program, the demand for UK Immigration has always escalated making UK a popular destination for Immigrants.

For those intending to live in the UK and settle permanently in the country, there are several options to pursue. International students interested in pursuing a foreign education or Businesses wanting to expand their operations in the UK have lucrative opportunities that they can look forward to. Companies interested in hiring a foreign skilled worker can also seize this by following the designated Immigration routes.

We are headquartered in the UK and have an experience of over a decade in the industry making us an ideal choice for UK Immigration applications. With an accolade of praises for our work, we are confident that this is what we do best. Our UK Immigration section highlights the visa categories that are open to Immigrants. For a confidential consultation on your application, speak to our advisors and let them assist you with your application.

Process for Applying for a UK Visa

Thousands of people with various purposes such as visit, work and study visit United Kingdom every year. There are some countries such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand that don’t need a visa to enter if they are in UK for just six months after which they would need to apply for a visa to extend their stay. Other countries would require applying for a visa before they can visit UK.

Applying for a UK Visa

Applying for UK visa is a complicated process that needs a lot of documentation and time. Thus it would be best that you take help to execute this job. At Global Migrate we understand what you want, counsel and guide you in applying for the best visa that would get you in UK. Whether it is a study visa or a marriage visa, UK we will help you with your online application for the visa process. There are some simple steps in getting a UK visa:

Check if you need a UK visa to visit the country and pick the right visa

There are different types of visa that one could apply for depending on the purpose of visit. For instance:


UK Study Visa

This is the tier 4 student visa for adults gives you permission to study in any of the colleges, institutes or universities in the UK.


UK Tourist Visa

Someone looking forward to visit UK can apply for this visa. They are permitted to stay in UK for not more than 6 months.


UK Work Visa

Someone looking forward to visit UK can apply for this visa. They are permitted to stay in UK for not more than 6 months.


UK Business Visa

There is a tier 1 investor visa and then there is the tier 1 entrepreneur visa that you can apply for depending on whether you want to invest in UK or whether you relocate to UK to set up a new business or expand an existing one.


UK Family Visa

There are different types of settlement visas that come under this visa type. This visa entitles you to stay in UK for life. Depending on your situation you may need different documentation. For instance, someone who wants to settle in UK with a British citizen after getting married may need to produce different documents than someone who already holds a tier 1 visa UK and wants to settle here. This may sound complicated, but Global Migrate will help you in getting things done smoothly.


Sole Representative Visa

A UK sole representative visa is meant for companies that are looking forward to expand their business in the UK market. An overseas representative visa UK is appointed by the company who is given responsibility and permission to set up the office, branch, etc. on behalf of the company in UK. Visa is mandatory to enter a foreign country. If it is only a tour, then you will get the visa hassle free. But if it is an overseas representative visa.the process is really daunting and long-winded. So, in most of the cases, we have seen people hiring immigration consultants. The immigration consultants are doing this job for the whole year and they have been through the immigration process countless times. So, they are highly expertise in the whole process. They know which visa to apply for which reason. For example, if you want to apply for the overseas representative visa they know the exact policies and guidelines for those visas. So, it will normally make the process faster and hassle-free.


Fill in the online application details for the visa

Global Migrate will guide you through the online application filling process once you have picked the right visa for UK.


Gather the required documents required for a UK visa application

You will need your application form duly filled and printed, passport, biometric information, a detailed schedule of your whereabouts in UK if visiting, letter of invitation from UK and other supporting documents depending on the type of visa that you are applying for.



Schedule an appointment for the UK visa

Once the appointment is scheduled, you will have to carry all the documents in original.


Face the interview for UK visa

You will have to face an interview and disclose the purpose of your visit to UK.



Wait for your approval

Once you have faced the interview, you will have to wait for the approval for your visa to come.

From picking the right UK visa to proper documentation, Global Migrate assists you in every step and ensures that you get through the process of getting a UK visa.