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Working Abroad

The current decade has tremendous reforms in globalization, international mobility and relocation of skilled labor worldwide. With an increasing awareness of Immigration policies and constant updates in Immigration Law, global citizens are perpetually seeking innovative methods to advance their career and permanent settlement for their family.

Bearing this in mind, Global Migrate has compiled comprehensive solutions to these problems. We have picked the best Immigration programs and offer tailored solutions for you. Browse through our list of programs that are segmented country-wise and pick the most desired options. Once you opt for the free assessment, our Immigration consultants will conduct a detailed and confidential consultation and help you arrive at a decision.

Australia Immigration

Australia is vast country divided into several territories. It has a pleasant weather, beautiful landscapes and is a top for skilled workers from over the world. Australia has relaxed immigration policies thus boosting the entry of immigrants. People around the world migrate to Australia for several reasons like study, work or joining family members settled in Australia.

The Permanent Residence Visa is an ideal visa type for skilled workers migrating to Australia. A PR holder can live and work indefinitely in Australia, have access to subsidized health care facilities, sponsor family members and apply for citizenship. People aged 18 – 30 can also obtain the working holiday visa.

Global migrate specializes in Immigration to Australia. We have registered MARA professionals to help you with the entire procedure. To find out which is your ideal visa type, start your free assessment now. You can also call us on +44 (0)207 9934762 and speak to a member of our team.

Canada Immigration

Canada is a beautiful country with very liberal immigration policies. Most policies offer permanent residence at the start itself. Over the past few years, Canada has become one of the prominent destinations in the world to immigrate to. People from all over the world have been flocking to Canada every year for better prospects.

Canada has a lot of lucrative options to choose from in terms of Immigration. Students from all over the world move to Canada to pursue their higher education. The Express Entry/ Permanent Residence system has proved to be very instrumental in facilitating the movement of a lot of foreign skilled workers to Canada. We also assist with applications like Partner Visa, Family Visa and Canadian Business Visa.

We are also regulated by the ICCRC. To find out if you qualify for a Visa to Canada, please fill out the FREE assessment form and one our Canadian Immigration Advisers will get in touch with you. You may also call us on +44 (0)207 9934762 and ask to speak to a member of the Canadian Immigration team.

UK Immigration

The United Kingdom has been the most popular destination for migrants all over the world. The British colonization has left a lasting imprint on the world making UK the number one choice for people all over the globe. UK is therefore regarded as a multicultural, multilingual and multinational country with residents of various ethnic origins. UK immigration has the most stringent norms and rules, thus making it difficult for newcomers to settle.

At Global Migrate, we are open to challenges and aim to help migrants settle in the UK via different immigration routes. Work Permits, Family Visas, Entrepreneur & Investor options are popular Immigration routes to the UK. For a detailed consultation, please fill our assessment for or get in touch with our UK Team to get your application started.

Denmark Immigration

Immigration to Denmark has gained quiet a recognition over the past few years. Being an integral part of the EU, it has managed to be a popular choice after the UK. With a rapidly growing economy and other favorable policies, it has opened doors to many skilled workers from overseas.

Danish citizenship status allows you to travel and live freely in the EU, including the UK. The Green Card Scheme offered by the government of Denmark is the best route to Immigrate to this beautiful country.

Please feel free to fill out the assessment form to assess whether you are eligible for the Denmark Green Card Scheme. Our Danish Immigration Adviser will contact you to pursue your application.

New Zealand Immigration

With the rampant growth of Immigration worldwide, New Zealand is another popular destination. New Zealand is a small country to the South of Australia with picturesque sceneries and favorable Immigration policies. The Government of New Zealand has over the years continued to welcome Immigrants from all over the world.

It has a variety of Immigration programmes ranging from student visas to skilled migration visa which has only boosted the entry of newcomers to this Country. A citizen of New Zealand also enjoys certain privileges in terms of work rights in Australia, thus making it more desirable to migrate to. For detailed advice, contact a member of our team and we can help you choose the right visa type for you.